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Structural Waterproofing Group

The Structural Waterproofing Group

The Structural Waterproofing Group (SWG) operates under the auspices of the Property Care Association, a Division of the BWPDA ( The British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association ) . If you are looking for a Contractor, Consultant or Surveyor to help turn your basement into a Quality Living Area then the SWG can help you find approved contractors, information on waterproofing products, links to members' websites, case studies and advice.

Waterproofing  basements and other wet areas in your property makes a lot of sense, the benefits are as follows:

  • Adds value to your property
  • Turns wasted space into living, working and storage areas
  • Eliminates the risk of dampness leading to rotting timbers

Their website contains details and advice including FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Structural Waterproofing Case Studies, Publications for Homeowners and a list of members which can be searched by regions on a map of the UK to find one in your area. These members will be able to help you turn a damp useless basement into a quality living area, as shown below:

Waterproofing a Basement
Waterproofing a Cellar

The SWG was formed to:

  • Increase recognition of the quality of waterproofing products and services available from its members
  • Create a framework of training and qualifications to assist members in reaching the necessary level of knowledge and skill to deliver effective waterproofing services
  • Provide opportunities for Continuing Professional Development to enable members to maintain and develop their waterproofing knowledge and skills
  • Work with Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd to make it possible for clients to obtain insured protection for waterproofing guarantees

Further details

Further details can be found on their website



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